Thursday, April 26, 2012

Polar Bears

Hello There! 

     Polar Bears. That name has been known now a days because "global warming", or maybe something else, is melting their ice cap homes. As the ice starts to melt, more polar bears have no where to live and no easy food to get to. They live on ice and near water to get fish and other sea creatures. More and more polar bears are starting to die off and fight every day just to live and eat. They used to be dominant, but now they are just an endangered animal. 
     Polar Bears with thicker fur tend to dominate in one area because they can stand the cold and last longer in freezing areas/ water. Also, those with bigger and sharper claws will be able to fend for themselves more easily, because they are able to get food and fight longer and harder. (Fun Fact: Polar Bears' fur isn't white it's almost clear. Their skin is what is black.) 
     Interbreeding in brown bears led to the birth of polar bears. (Fun Fact: Polar bears can trace their ancestors to a brown bear in Ireland. Those brown bears have been extinct for many years now.)
     Mitochondrial-DNA is passed down from mother to offspring making it genetically different from brown bears. Stronger and more harsh polar bears will dominate, survive, and thrive in an area for longer. Polar Bears in Action!
(Fun Fact: Because polar bears weight more than twice as much as a male lion, polar bears would most likely win in a fight. A.k.a: I need to change my favorite animal.)Websites that were helpful:


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