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Corn has been around since Humans have started agriculture.  This was roughly 10,000 years ago.  Corn has evolved much since then because it has been domesticated.  This means that the people who plant the corn pick which kernels they want to plant that will get them the best product.  When corn first started out, it was on very small cobs and the plants that it grew on were short.  This meant that on a few plants you would get less cobs, and on these less cobs you would get less kernels.  This was not good for the amount of corn needed so when farmers realized that some plants were taller or had bigger cobs so they tried to plant these ones.  Today corn stalks are very large and the cobs that come off of them yield much greater amounts of corn.  There are also other factors that humans used domestication of corn to improve.  These include making corn that grows in almost any climate and kernel shape/ color.  Corn used to be one trait but humans selected the trait they wanted and grew these plants.

The Hawaiian Monk Seal

The Hawaiian Monk Seal is an endangered species because in the 19th century they were discovered and killed by the cruel human beings that roamed the planet of Earth.We killed them for food do we could eat, and by the end of the century they were endangered. There are only two remaining Monk Seal species, the Hawaiian Monk Seal and the Mediterranean Monk Seal, the Carribean Monk Seal is extinct. The Hawaiian Monk Seals habitats are on beaches on islands and on atolls,coral islands, any rise in the sea level can take there habitat away from them, therefore they must adapt. There is little sites of habitats for them to survive. There is limited amours of food for them, they get entangled in fishing gear,predation happens, global warming, and diseases also made the Hawaiian Monk Seal endangered. If they don't adapt to get food,to get untangled, and attack on predators all three species will soon be extinct.

Texas Horned Lizard

                                                                Texas Horned Lizard
The Texas Horned Lizard is a species of lizard found mostly in arid or semi arid areas from the south central United States to Northern Mexico. It is blends in perfectly with its sandy surroundings because of its light brown coloring. It is covered with sharp scales and spikes, which offer protection from small predators such as birds and snakes. However, the Texas Horned Lizard been labeled a threatened species, and its sharp exterior doesn't protect it from larger predators. Because of this, it has developed a strange characteristic- the ability to squirt blood from the sinuses behind its eyes(Environmental Graffiti). The disgusting taste of the blood will make any predator think twice before making the Texas Horned Lizard its dinner.

Monkey Business

Monkeys like to act like kindness. If they get homework they need choloclate or they will be mad and not do the homework. They can survive and live together.
Evolution: The Panda's Thumb
The Panda's Big Thumb

This tells information on how a panda's paw is structured and how it is useful for their environment.
Timeline: Human Evolution 

55 million years ago the first primitive primates evolve.  Gorillas and chimps started to from 8 to 6 million years ago
Human Evolution Through PSYCHOLOGY

             Francis Bacon, Johannes Kepler, Galileo, Thomas Hobbes, RenĂ© Descartes, and Isaac Newton started the process of how human minds revolutionized through the years. Simple feelings and wants were the same to early humans but complex feelings and actions like analyzing an object to its extent. "As the philosophes and natural philosophers of the eighteenth century were assembling strong rhetorical arguments on behalf of a fully naturalistic psychology, the medical and scientific communities were broadening and deepening its empirical foundations." (Daniel N. Robinson). The brain throughout the year has grown in size and shifted but shows in other animals, such as dogs through companionship and trust, we have similar characteristics through emotions. 

          This shows evolution through the years by psychological activity. The website is a good source because it is through an online encyclopedia called Gale which schools all over use for valid information. 

Evolutionary Mechanisms

This article talks about Evolutionary mechanisms and how the same species can come to look like a completely different species. "Natural Selection" is a big part in evolutionary mechanisms. Natural selection is basically "survival of the fittest," meaning that depending on the environment, color, size etc; only certain species will survive. Coming off of that, explaining evolutionary mechanisms is basically the genes a species has and how much they vary. Depending on what genes they inherit, that will determine physical looks. According to the article "Evolutionary mechanisms" from Gale Resources, "With directional selection an extreme phenotype is favored (e.g., for height or length of neck in giraffe)."

In this post this is a topic of eye evolution studying the structure of the eye. eye structures and embryological developmental in the eye in the vertebra species. the light of the human eye has a ancient past of modulate circadian

Eye Evolution

LIGERS!!!                     The liger, a hybrid creature of a tiger and a lion. The first liger was born in 1823. It was an artificial selection, meaning that humans forced the evolution.

Eye Evolution


There are many different species and trees in Madagascar because the island's geography, geology, and climate provide them to evolve and evolve when surrounded by others influenced to live with one another in isolation.
(On the bottom of this page the video explains it all.)

Land masses throughout time, showing the origin of Madagascar
the article pretty much says that the way people said natural selection works for the last thousands of years is wrong. they tell a different way of natural selection and evolution. they is saying it happens over a long period of time. they alsoo state people in the pat thought it could change from one generation to another. these people say that it is actually quite predictable. if the species has on gene r trait that allows it to survive it will live if not then it dies. the species either dies or or develops that trait or gene. they say Darwin changed the concept of natural selection and evolution.

natural selection