Sunday, April 29, 2012

endangered polar bears

Polar bears are in danger of going extinct due to global warming. while the tempatures rise, the polar ice caps are melting. This causes the polar bears to have to swim farther to find the right habitat to find their food and shelter. While the ice is melting, is is affecting the lives of seals as well. Which happen to be the polar bears main food sourse. So as the seals die off, theres not enough food to feed the polar bears. The population rate is down about 20% due to a lack or reproduction. Polar bears need to spend their summers on land where they cant do much hunting if any at all. They must eat all winter in order to live through the summer and be ready for the next winter when the water freezes over again. These polar bears live in the Hudson Bay in Canada. Only problem is, that the ice-free period has increased over the years. Causing Polar bears to go about 20 days more without the ice and the food. Its a chain reaction. No ice, no food, weight loss, and then lack of reproduction. which is making the population decrease. With the ice melting and the tempertures rising, it is also affecting the lives of the seals. So as the seals die and leave polar bears hungry, they are resulting in eating each other. Which also of course causes the population to weaken rapidly. The polar bears cannot find a solid place to adapt because they keep needing to migrate to new areas until the ice melts and they need to leave again.

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