Monday, April 30, 2012

Lizards dodging death.

Lizards are evolving right beneath our feet.  in areas where lizards are indigenous, to avoid predators they usually will try to blend inn with there surroundings.  but another species has also evolved to still hunt the lizards even when they lend perfectly in with the ground.  these are red fire ants.  they attack the lizards without the lizard even knowing, because it still thinks its safe, so they slowly kill the lizard.  and with these lizards now dying they began to change their tactics of escaping their predators.  while some remain staying still the others now dance away to get off the ants.  they shake and twist and rapidly move to get off the thousands of fire ants attacking them so they can remain alive.  this is a great example of evolution because we will eventually be able to see them evolving with our own eyes that they once stood still and now the dance for saftey.

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