Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Crying Evolution

Humans are the only known species to be able to produce tears. Scientists have found causes not only that tears help moisten the eyes, but that crying was a signal to those that were around a human to let those know that they needed help. Crying was and still a way of communication to let those around you know that you are hurt. Human's have not only developed the ability to express pain but to express empathy. As humans, we are able to step into someone elses shoes and understand their emotions and feelings. Crying has evolved to bring people closer together because of empathy. I chose this topic because at first I was interested in the eyes. I just think they're really cool because of how they can be different colors and how animals detect different light. Them, when I found this article I thought about myself. I always seem to be crying. Not because I am a wussy, just that I care, a lot. I am a very emotional person and I realize why I cry. People know I care through my tears of empathy and sympathy.

mental evalution

What are your thoughts...is there more to human evolution than being able to stand up straight?
How did we evolve mentally? Humans will shed tears when emotional, where as animals do not.

This is different species of flies. they formed at different times but then they formed to double up.

Evolution of Animal Personalities

Evolution of Animal Personalities

This article is about the evolution of animals personalities. Some animals that scientists believe have personalities are spiders, mice and squid. Scientists say that there are more than 60 different species that have personalities. They are studying why different personalities in different animals exist. They studied this by using two different basic observations. The first observation is the will that the species to take risks. The second observation is the observation of trade off between current and future reproduction. This article is from a reliable source because it was written by a college professor.

The Black-footed Ferret (i.e. a dirty dirty rat)


The Black-footed Ferret evolved around 3-4 million years ago and at one point thought to be extinct. The Black-footed Ferret has changed to fit it's environment by living off prairie dog for food but with human involvement to get rid of the prairie dogs because they thought of them as nothing but pests so when they were getting rid of them they also noticed a severe decease in the ferret's population when the prairie dog's population. When people noticed this they stopped killing prairie dogs and tried to save the ferrets. This is a good example of evolution because the ferrets rely on the prairie dogs to survive.

Human Evolution

This article talks about Humans and how much they have changed over the years. It is believed that humans have evolved from apes. In the picture below, it shows they differences in skull structure, and how similar the oldest is from the most recent one. You can see how much the jaw changed a lot. Even though you can't really tell by looking at the skull, the brain has become exceptionally larger as well. The teeth look a lot different in size as well. Years ago, we were considered "vegetarians," because all we ate was leaves. Now today we have evolved from that "caveman" stage and are now humans that eat meat and still use some of the tools we did back then. So overall, the theory is we have evolved from apes, and we continue to progress on many different traits that we carry today.

Human Evolution
Evolutions arrow

This explains how evolution life is headed somewhere...