Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Crying Evolution

Humans are the only known species to be able to produce tears. Scientists have found causes not only that tears help moisten the eyes, but that crying was a signal to those that were around a human to let those know that they needed help. Crying was and still a way of communication to let those around you know that you are hurt. Human's have not only developed the ability to express pain but to express empathy. As humans, we are able to step into someone elses shoes and understand their emotions and feelings. Crying has evolved to bring people closer together because of empathy. I chose this topic because at first I was interested in the eyes. I just think they're really cool because of how they can be different colors and how animals detect different light. Them, when I found this article I thought about myself. I always seem to be crying. Not because I am a wussy, just that I care, a lot. I am a very emotional person and I realize why I cry. People know I care through my tears of empathy and sympathy.

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  1. I found this article to be interesting also. The fact that ONLY humans cry emotional tears is cool. The theory that our tears evolved as a signal is one to give more thought too.